What is Hot Stone Therapy?

Hot stone therapy uses smooth, hot stones that are heated by hot water to warm up the muscles and tissues.

The stones warm and relax your muscles, making it much easier for your therapist to access deeper layers of tissue. 

The benefits of hot stone therapy include reduced muscle spasms and overall muscle pain, improved range of motion and flexibility, and better sleep quality.

Hot stones are most commonly placed on the spine, hands, stomach, chest, face, feet and toes. 

After the hot stones have been applied, your therapist will perform hand strokes and massages typical of Swedish massage. 

Due to the nature of this therapy, please review our policies to ensure you have a successful experience with us.


45 mins  $88.40

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60 mins  $104.00

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75 mins  $124.80

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90 mins  $145.60

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120 mins  $187.20

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