Aromatherapy Treatments

Our aromatherapy treatments use a variety of aromas from essential massage oils, which are highly-concentrated plant oils. 

During your massage treatment, these oils are inhaled through natural breathing and absorbed through your skin as our therapists use the oils in combination with hand strokes & techniques. 

The oils are beneficial to your wellbeing and are used to promote either a relaxing calm or an uplifting and energizing feeling to your body & mind.

If you have any skin sensitivities and reactions, it's important to let your therapist know of any historical issues with your skin as the oils will be directly applied to your skin. Our therapists can provide samples before going through the entire treatment so you can test out different oils & blends that best suit your needs.

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45 mins  $83.20
60 mins  $104.00
90 mins  $145.60
120 mins  $187.20