Athletes live a hard life and their bodies are subject to a lot of stress. Whether it be for injury prevention, rehabilitation, or leisure, an athlete must do anything they can to keep his or her body in pristine condition. We work with many top tier athletes in the D.C. Metro area to keep them performing at their best.


Our sports massage is designed and performed to target athletes troubled areas after injury. Sports massages at Massage Therapy Works help improve:




Reaction Time



And Overall Performance


With the improvement of these physical attributes, an athlete will be on track to meet and exceed personal performance standards. Although athletes don’t just need performance, they also need reliability. At Massage Therapy Works you can get the best of both worlds.


A sports massage reduces muscle swelling and fatigue, while alleviating pain. However, a sports massage is more than a treatment for injuries. Other benefits encompass many physiological and psychological aspects. Some of these associated benefits include:


Better Sleep

Increased Blood Flow

Decreased neurological excitability

Increased Sense of Well-Being

And Decreased Lactic Acid Production


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