Couples Massage

The massage you pick made even better because one of your favorite people is sharing the room and the experience with you. Each of you will have your own therapist and will receive the massage of your choice.It is a nice way to introduce a partner or friend who is unsure about receiving massage therapy to the experience. We also have friends come in together because they wish to talk throughout the experience. Learn more about our couple massages in Fairfax, VA.


Chinese Massage

A Chinese Massage is a massage that uses various hand techniques (pressing, rubbing, shaking, and percussion) facilitate healing by regulating the circulation of blood in the body. At Massage therapy works we will provide you with the best Chinese Massage in the area. Learn more about our services in Fairfax, VA. 


Deep Tissue Massage: 

Deep tissue is good for breaking down knots and releasing tension. A deep tissue massage can be intense. A deep tissue massage should “hurt good.” Your therapist will use deep pressure to get in to the muscles and work out your aches. Learn more about our Deep Massage Service in Fairfax, VA.


Trigger Point Therapy: 

Trigger points are tight areas within each muscle tissue that can cause pain in another section of the body. Our experienced massage therapists will help you alleviate pain using the best techniques available. Learn more about our services in Fairfax, VA.


Swedish Massage: 

What people typically think of when they think of a massage. Swedish massage is characterized by long flowing strokes called effleurage. Swedish massage also incorporates kneading and percussive strokes. A Swedish massage is relaxing, boosts circulation, and stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system. Learn more about our Swedish Massage services in Fairfax, VA.


Sports Massage: 

No two sports massages are alike. What happens in your session will be dictated by your sport, where you are in your training schedule, and your goals for the session. Sports massage often includes deep tissue, stretching, neuromuscular therapy, and myofascial release. Learn more about our Sports Massage service in Fairfax, VA.


Foot Massage: 

Foot massages can provide many benefits to individuals of all ages. At Massage Therapy works we can provide you with the best foot massage in the area. Learn more about our foot massage services in Fairfax, VA.


Hot Stone Therapy: 

Allow the soothing heat of warm basalt stones penetrate your muscles for deep relaxation. Your therapist will massage you either exclusively with warm stones or with a combination of stones and their hands, whichever you prefer. Learn more about our Hot Stone Therapy options in Fairfax, VA.


Chair Massage: 

Chair massage promotes better circulation, muscle stimulation, and stress relief. Onsite massage can help reduce tension in the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands, which may cause headaches or symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. It also promotes a less stressful environment. Learn more about our Chair Massage Service in Fairfax, VA.